Merch Reports

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... Are you selling on Merch?

... Do you miss having GOOD STATS about YOUR SALES?

Well, I certainly did !!  -  I wanted -no- I NEEDED, to know crutial basic information like:

* Which DESIGNS Sell More?

* Which SIZES, Which COLORS, Which PRICES Sell More?

* Which Gender / Product Types, Which Specific Variations Sell More?

* WHEN Do I Sell More?

* Exactly WHAT Makes Me More Money??

* And What Doesn't?


...Oh wait, turns out, I'm a developer So I made a simple script that gave me the data I wanted so much. It was ugly but it worked. Then I thought that maybe others would want this too, so I ended up doing it way fancier and more complete and easy to use, and Merch Reports was born 

OK, Sounds Cool, But Is It SAFE??

Glad you ask!   Let me tell you, I'm the slightly super paranoid kinda type I would never give my sales information to anyone on the internet (which is another reason I coded this myself).   


* It's NOT HOSTED on somebody else's server!

* The Source Code is Open, meaning, you or any developer can read the code and check that it does nothing evil or suspicious

* You Can Install It LOCALLY On Your COMPUTER : Windows / MacOSX / GNU/Linux ( Using a local web server like XAMPP - Which can be installed with a few clicks ) 

* Or You Can Install It On Any Web Hosting You Use ( Like GoDaddy, etc ) and access it online, while being sure that nobody is stealing your precious sales data on the other side! 

* You can even use it with your internet connection turned down, if you installed it locally on your computer 

So, paranoia mode off !

You Can Now Get DETAILED STATS To Analyze Your Sales On Merch! Woohoo!  


* You Can UPLOAD MULTIPLE Merch Sales CSV FILES at once - This allows you to have data way beyond the Merch 90 day limit

* Number of Sales, Percentage and Royalty for every sale in these categories:

  • Title
  • Product Type
  • Style
  • Color
  • Size
  • Month
  • Weekday
  • Specific Variation - Sorted by Sales
  • Specific Variation - Sorted by Title
  • Revenue
  • Units
  • Cancelled Sales
  • Dates 

* Charts: Monthly Evolution of Sales & Monthly Evolution of Royalty 

* Handy list of ASINs of your sold products ( for easy import into other external tools )  


- Merch Reports Version 1.8: Added support for the new CSV format (on May 1st 2018, Merch added a "Returned" column to the CSV). Added new report: "Returns". Added new columns "Cancellations" and "Returns" to every report, and total cancelled and returned orders for every report

- Merch Reports version 1.7: On October 31st, 2017, Merch changed the CSV format again, adding the Product Type information. This update is compatible with all the CSV formats as usual, and adds a new Product Type stats section.

- Merch Reports version 1.6: On October 11th, 2017, Merch changed the sales CSV file format. This update is compatible with both the new format and the old

- Merch Reports version 1.5.1 fixes an error caused by Merch having added a new title style for kids products sales  

- Merch Reports version 1.5 adds a new option to filter sales to show only the ones whose title contain certain words

- Merch Reports Version 1.4.4 fixes a small glitch causing by Merch sometimes naming the Ladies T-Shirts "Womens" instead of "Women's" in the product title

- Merch Reports Version 1.4.3 with 2 new Reports:

"Sales by Week" 

"Dates of Last Sales"

- Merch Reports version 1.3.2 now EXPORTS the generated data to CSV Excel format!

Now you can analyze and format the generated data in whichever way you want on Excel : Create charts and graphs, calculations, anything!

Your Merch Reports data is yours to do whatever you want with it ! :-)

* Note: when importing the CSV into Excel, please double check that the selected separator character is the comma. If another one (semicolon, tab, whatever) is chosen, your CSV won't get correctly imported into Excel

I want this!

Merch Reports

0 ratings
I want this!